Strikers Welcome Piece

Stadium Fan Experience Opener

Welcome Piece

Nov-Dec 2019

Working with the design and direction team at Kojo I was tasked with creating a Welcome Strikers fan piece before their home games kicked off at Adelaide Oval.

The fly-through piece was designed to bring the audience into the world of Adelaide Strikers. Flying around a blue neon environment, following a face-paced cricket ball and players around their environment. 

I'm super proud of how this piece turned out. We utilized the stadium experience look development, Player shoot footage, and the gameday assets to make a piece that created an intense pre-game opener along with branding the stadium with a high-end look and feel.

Studio: Kojo
Head of Sport: Chantella Perrera
Creative Director: Phil Moule
Art Directors: Jack Prenc, Sam Clarke
3D Motion Designer: Jack Prenc
2D Motion Designer: Andrew McDowell
Producers: Kira Wright, Pen Felton

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