Bastion Brands

Where Science and Emotion Collide

I had the pleasure of designing and creating this ident for Bastion Brands with the wonderful team at Filmtme.

Bastion Brands_01
Bastion Brands_02
Bastion Brands_03
Bastion Brands_06
Bastion Brands_09
Bastion Brands_12
Bastion Brands_04
Bastion Brands_07
Bastion Brands_10
Bastion Brands_13
Bastion Brands_05
Bastion Brands_08
Bastion Brands_11
Bastion Brands_14
Bastion Brands_15
Bastion Brands_16
Bastion Brands_17
Bastion Brands_18
Bastion Brands_19
Bastion Brands_20
Bastion Brands_21
Bastion Brands_22
Bastion Brands_23
Bastion Brands_WSEC
Bastion Brands_24
Bastion Brands_25
Bastion Brands_26
Bastion Brands_27

Brand: Bastion Brands
Production Company: Filmtime

Director: Peter Hynes
Producer: Beth Townsend
Art Direction & 3D Artist: Jack Prenc
Editor and 2d Animation: Sam Butler

 Audio by:

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