Skycity | LED Foyer Experience

Enivonmental experience

The Sky-City’s The Limit

Jun 2020- Aug 2020

When SA’s premiere gaming destination transformed into an integrated and internationally recognized entertainment precinct, SkyCity Adelaide – KOJO was called in to set the tone.

KOJO utilized the venue’s supersized LED screens to create a series of magical and diverse experiences designed to engage and delight the excited crowds as they arrived in the space.

From mesmerizing animations inspired by SkyCity’s world-class food and event offerings to state-of-the-art motion graphics, we ensured that every customer’s journey to Skycity was a uniquely unforgettable one.

Jack was in charge of directing the sequence Bloom. An awe-inspiring ethereal journey of scale and time. the experience took the audience through the window of SkyCity into a macro world of color and light. The internal narrative of this piece will convey the beauty and intricacies of nature being born and growing into an ever-evolving landscape, connecting together as one.

Along with the bloom sequence, Jack also helped with Infinite window projection templates, Filler content, and various pieces of research and discovery which ended up in the main montage at Skycity.

Director: Richard Coburn
Art Direction: Richard Coburn (overall direction)
Art Direction: Jack Prenc (Bloom direction)
Motion Designers: Richard Coburn, Kevin Lorenzi, Val gunadharma, Jack Prenc
Houdini FX: Mark Chataway, Jack Prenc
Producer: Justin Weller
Account Manager: Michael Grant

The Experience

Skycity_Jack Prenc_Collage_Kojo

The Creative - Bloom

The Creative - Montage

Research and Discovery

Selected Works