Melbourne City Gameday content

Gameday Experience

Melbourne City Gameday Content

August 2023 -January 2024

KOJO secured a three-year partnership with Melbourne City FC, undertaking a mission to redefine and elevate their sports presentation and gameday experience. The expertise of KOJO's content and motion design team was instrumental in crafting a dynamic gameday atmosphere, employing cutting-edge 2D + 3D motion design that seamlessly integrates the essence of Melbourne into the stadium. The content spans from captivating pre-game light shows, countdowns, and team entries to immersive in-game goal stings, offering a comprehensive broadcast package that breathes life into the stadium.

This collaboration has seamlessly extended into Melbourne City's media landscape, with KOJO lending its creative touch through animated content, illustrations, and design across TVCs and print materials throughout the city. 

Creative Direction: Luke Pacconi
Art Direction: Sam Clarke, Jack Prenc
3D Motion Design: Jack Prenc
Motion Designers: Adam Hogan, Lara Tsekorous,
Val Gunadharma, Luiza Bonetti
Head of Production: Kira Wright
Client Partner: Aiden Blizzard
Producer: Lauryn Marquez

The Experience