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WCE Time To Fly

Jan 2022- May 2022

A market leader in creating fan first sports experiences, KOJO Sport teamed up with the West Coast Eagles to deliver Australia’s first stadium mixed reality experience titled “Time to Fly” during the RAC Derby No. 54 at Perth’s Optus Stadium on Sunday, 3rd April 2022. Designed to create a truly immersive experience for West Coast members club and supporters, KOJO Sport created a larger-than-life, photo-real 3D model of the club’s iconic mascot - the Wedge Tail Eagle, Auzzie, to fly around the stadium and land in the middle of the ground, before taking flight with Fremantle Football Club’s banner gripped tightly in her talons.

Jack was the Director in charge of bringing the first Mixed reality experience in Australia to life with the kOJO team. This involved the piece from ideation, pre production to final delivery and implementation of the experience in the stadium. Jack worked closely with key stakeholders, client and vendors to bridge the gap between the creative and technical fields to bring Auzzie the eagle to life.

Direction: Jack Prenc
Creative Direction: Luke Pacconi, Jack Prenc
3D Character Modeller: Kevin Lorenzi
LED and Lightshow: Val Gunadharma
Producer: Trish Ostigh

Special thanks to:
Heath Ryan (Passion Pictures)

Time to Fly_RND_Mixed Reality

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