Australian Cinematographers Society

Awards Graphics Package

I had the pleasure of creating of designing and animating a modular graphics package for the Australian Cinematographers Society. They were after a package that would give a high-end look and feel that would portray the winners work in the light it deserved.

Final Frames

Gold_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_01
Silver_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_01
Bronze_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_01
Generic_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_01
Gold_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_02
Silver_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_02
Bronze_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_02
Generic_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_02
Gold_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_03
Silver_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_03
Bronze_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_03
Generic_ACS_Jack Prenc_Motion Design_03

Look Development

Concept 03-08
Concept 03-04
Concept 04-01
Concept 03-07
Concept 03-03
Concept 04-03
Concept 03-05
Concept 03-01
Concept 04-04

Selected Works

Coming SoonMontage

TEEG Brand VideoMotion Design

Bastion BrandsMotion Design

Collingwood FC - LEDS 2018Sport L.E.D signage

Nodefest 2017Motion Design

MarbletrendsProduct Visualization

Nodefest 2016Motion Design

Coming SoonEvent Production

Coming SoonOn Air Graphics

Blocks image
Blocks image
Blocks image
Blocks image
Blocks image